The Discount Fall on You countdown is officially on, and here’s how to get started if you are still missing out on this online event.

It’s been dubbed the biggest shopping period of the calendar year – but what exactly is Discount Fall on You, and are the deals really that good?

Well, Discount fall on you is an awesome package by – a fast-rising online shopping market in Nigeria that offers you awesome discount deals on products when you shop. It is an easy process; all you’re required to do is to visit the website, pick a product of your choice and request a discount for it via WhatsApp (the number can be found on the website). What follows is: you get a voucher code specifically generated for you and with it you can get a huge slash off the product you wish to buy when you checkout. Awesome, right?

When is Discount Fall on You 2017?

The Discounts starts now and can end anytime soon, so better take this opportunity while it last.

Are the deals really good?

Obviously, they are really good deals because shopping for items on have originally been more affordable than on most other e-commerce platforms. A package like the Discount Fall on You slashes it even further, giving you more value for less money. In this period of festivities and heavy spending, taking advantage of this offer could be your best decision. If previous years are anything to go by, Discount Fall on Me is more than just an opportunity to pick up cheap things.