It’s not about a new eCommerce platform but the difference

The Value we bring as an eCommerce platform

It’s always exciting starting something new but unlike other start-ups springing up in the eCommerce sector in Nigeria, believes there is still a problem still not solved, a vacuum yet to be filled even by the big players. That vacuum and problem is what is here to bring a solution to. Founder Samuel Linus Agbo shared his insight behind the platform saying:

It’s not about a new eCommerce platform but the difference.

After carefully studying the current challenges facing the eCommerce industry in Nigeria, has sprouted out with a lasting solution.

  1. Sales Of UK/London Used Gadgets

One of the greatest challenges facing the ecommerce and online market places in Nigeria is the case of sincerity between the sellers and buyers. No ecommerce platform selling UK used gadgets in Nigeria that is trustworthy. Though we know Nigerians do patronize this area of the market in the traditional brick and mortar store. Nigerian online market places are full of sellers listing products they don’t have or bad product and in turn deceiving the buyers. Leaving some duped and others at the state of regrets after purchasing a bad products they can’t return.

Though we know Nigerians do patronize this area of the market in the traditional brick and mortar store

There are large people seeking to buy UK used gadgets offline but there is no trustworthy online platform out there.  Even returning products to the guy in the traditional markets is a thing of war.

So the case of trust here is in two ways both offline and online.

Now what if we tell you there is a platform you can trust with UK gadgets, when delivered to you if not satisfied, you can return it within 7days. Will you buy or recommend someone to buy from them?

What if we tell you that every product have gone through quality check before it is passed to you to avoid dissatisfaction from your end. Will you buy or recommend someone to buy from them?

Well! is that platform.

  1. Business To Business eCommerce Service

Some might be of the opinion that they have been waiting for this a long time. Arguably Nigerian eCommerce platforms before now do not have the balls to confront this sector of the markets online. poses a wholesale store where toiletries, cosmetics and house hold products are sold at a wholesale price in bags or cartons as the case may be.

  1. Computer And Gadgets Pick Up Repairs

Have you been scared of taking your laptops, phones or other computer components to a repairer you are not sure of? Maybe you don’t have the time or just don’t know where to get better hands to offer that service.

In terms of gadget pick up repair, no online platform could be trusted with that and that why has thought it fit to incorporate this service for esteem customers. Bring to your door steps qualified and trustworthy engineers to pick up your gadget, phone or laptop, fix it and deliver it to you all in your comfort zone.

  1. Herbal Beauty Products

There is always this background saying: “Patronize Nigerian made products”.  In the beauty product sector today, we see many young men and women acquiring the skill set of manufacturing, some of them have been tested and trusted locally by the community within their reach. One thing remain evident, most of the manufacturers do not know how to use  the power of the web to increase sales and get their products out there.

This is where comes to play. We help them sell this products at the same time protecting the right of our customers. So because of our customer interest we select those that have been tested and trusted. In order words we don’t list product we are not sure of.

Buying herbal beauty products from is the sure place to get correct quality.


As a platform we don’t only want to start something new but add value to the on growing eCommerce industry in Nigeria.

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